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Protection of books, educational software
and e-learning materials

against copying, hacking and illegal use

The requirements of modern life prompt us to acquire more knowledge for career progress or personal development from all possible sources from the Internet to specialized training centers. The market of educational services is saturated with all kinds of offers. It's a perfect target for piracy which level gets higher and higher every day. Nowadays protection of books and other e-documents is a popular service for writers, publishers and freelancers.

Protection of e-learning

Developers of educational programs and authors of teaching guides experience serious difficulties due to the wide distribution of illegal copies of their products. It leads to a number of serious problems, including copyright infringement, hacking of the source code of applications, and, most importantly, a reduction of the profit on sales. The only way to defend materials in the Internet is protection of e-learning.

We can protect

ebook protection
video protection
software protection

StarForce Technologies has developed a number of advanced software products that are designed to protect educational software, books, e-learning courses, presentations, manuals and lectures against copying and piracy, and to increase profits on sales for developers and authors. E-book security helps authors and publishers to earn more money.

Protection of digital books and electronic documents.
PDF document protection

Service: SFContent.com

StarForce solutions protect electronic documents including graphics and text content in the form of books, magazines, encyclopedias, manuals, etc. Such kind of content in unprotected form can be easily copied, so e-book security will be an appropriate solution.

We provide protection of any e-learning materials by SFContent.com, a cloud service for e-book security with a simple and intuitive user interface that allows protecting any document within five minutes.

Files and apps

The documents are converted into a special SFPDF file format that is protected from copying, piracy, printing and screen grabbing.

PDF protection XLS protection XLSX protection DOC protection DOCX protection RTF protection JPG protection JPEG protection PNG protection GIF protection

You can view SFPDF files with StarForce Reader, a special app to read protected books and documents in Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Learn more about StarForce Reader.

Integration with online bookstores

You can use StarForce to integrate protection into your online bookstore. To automatically generate serial numbers and send them to the users after purchase, API functions are embedded into the online store. The M-Logos law institute and the Statut law school use this option for their online stores that sell law books.

PDF copy protection book copy protection

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Protection of multimedia materials.
Audio and video protection

Service: SFContent.com

Usually, such kind of information is very easy for users to understand. Therefore, it promotes better learning of educational materials. Video and audio files must be protected from illegal copying and distribution. We will provide you with the protection of e-learning materials.

Files and apps

Our solution supports most popular video and audio formats. As with the book protection, multimedia files are converted to a protected SFMEDIA file format and can be viewed using the StarForce Player application only. Learn more about StarForce Player.


In addition, you can integrate our solution with your online video store.

Document protection   Ask us for more information about e-book protection   Trial version of Pdf protection

Protection of educational software

StarForce protects training courses in the form of desktop applications for independent or distance learning. The main risk, in addition to the leakage of training information, is the hacking of application code.

Distribution on CD/DVD discs

Product: StarForce Disc

This product is specifically designed to protect software intended to be sold/distributed on optical discs. You can protect any application from educational and developmental programs for children to staff training programs. Our software is designed for the protection of e-learning applications.

StarForce Disc provides a reliable binding of a protected application to a disc using unique technologies that prevent the creation of illegal copies and the start of the application on virtual drives (emulation).

The main advantage of StarForce Disc is that you can select the optimal method of replication. You can burn protected software not only at specialized plants, but also at home in small batches, on special discs designed by StarForce Technologies. It is so easy to ensure protection of e-learning and other software with us.

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Distribution on USB drives or over the Internet

Product: StarForce ProActive

StarForce ProActive allows you to distribute software on any media, USB and over the Internet, because it binds software to the parameters of an end user's personal computer or to specifications of a USB drive. StarForce ProActive provides reliable protection for educational software against many threats, such as copying, piracy, analysis and modification.

Key product features

1 Statistics reports for marketing analysis and sales forecasting.
2 Automatic activation of serial numbers.
3 Wide variety of licensing models with flexible settings.

USB protection   Ask us for more information about application protection   Trial version of StarForce ProActive

Distribution on CD/DVDs and over the Internet

Product: StarForce Universal

This product comprises the main features that are available in StarForce Disc and StarForce ProActive and allows the publishers to use binding to optical media and the technical parameters of personal computer in a single protection project. This is especially convenient for those who had originally planned to sell the product in only one way, for example, on discs, but after a while decided to change the distribution channel to another, for example, over the Internet. In addition, the product facilitates the release and delivery of patches and additional functionality to end users.

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