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StarForce actively partners with disc manufacturing and replication facilities worldwide. Our state-of-the-art copy protection technology can be implemented as part of any facilitys services. StarForce is an honorary member of the International Disc Duplicating Association (IDDA).

StarForce collaborates with replication plants based on the following types of partnership:

Partner Plant

Offers StarForce copy protection technology to customers for a percentage of revenue.

A Partner Plant can be a Certified Plant at the same time.

Partner Plant partnership pipeline

Partner Plant partnership pipeline

Certified Plant

Certified to manufacture discs protected with StarForce Keyless and Non-Keyless Technology.

A Certified Plant can be a Partner Plant at the same time.

Certified Plant partnership pipeline

Certified Plant partnership pipeli

Regular Plant

Manufactures discs protected with StarForce Non-Keyless technology.

Benefits of StarForce partnership

No additional equipment required for manufacturing of protected discs
Fast protection implementation takes less than 2 hours
Flexible discount system
Online certification only takes a few days
Technical support for protection implementation related issues

To become a StarForce Certified or Partner Plant or receive additional information about the StarForce Plant Partnership program, please email to our Executive Plant Manager at sales@star-force.com.

We do business with disc manufacturing and replication plants in the following world regions:

- Re-seller