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Software licensing service

allows to define distribution policy of software and to track sales in real time

What is software license included?

Software license A software license agreement defines how the software may be used (not a transfer of ownership, etc.)
Licensing scheme Licensing scheme (e.g. Trial - Buy Only)
License expiration Expiration period (a year, indefinitely, etc.)
License limitations Usage limitations (5 users, 2 servers, 1 computer)
License restrictions Ban on analyzing, modification, reverse engineering or redistribution of software

All these items, except the creation of a software licensing agreement itself, can be implemented using the StarForce solutions.

Software licensing schemes

Demo Demo is a version of a software licensing product with limited functionality. As a rule, it is distributed free of charge and has no restrictions on the time of use. If a user wants to access the full functionality, he acquires a serial number. The demo version is included in the standard StarForce licensing package.
Trial Trial version provides full access to the software on a temporary basis (e.g., 30 days) or with a limited number of runs (for example, 20 runs). This software licensing model enables a user to evaluate the product. After the trial version expires, a key need to be purchased for further use. This software licensing model is also included in the standard StarForce licensing package.
Try Try&Die is a software licensing model that provides full access to a software program for a limited period of time with no possibility to prolong. It can be used for beta testing or preliminary release of new products if there is need to replace software after its expiration. Such software licensing model is also involved in the standard StarForce licensing package.
Buy Buy Only is a software licensing model which gives full access to a software program after activating a serial. in the standard StarForce licensing set as well. While using this model you can also limit the usage time and put on other restrictions with the settings of serial numbers (keys).
Subscription Subscription/Rent allows using a software program on a subscription basis, e.g. periodical payments. A subscription model for customers can be provided by only StarForce ProActive for Business and StarForce ProActive for Traders.

We highly recommend you to use the Demo software licensing model for advertising purposes because its functionality limitation works more reliable than time limitation. When using the Demo licensing model developers should divide functions into ones that are free and others that need to be paid for. It takes some effort, but it will result in high tamper resistance of a software product.

Serial number management is provided by the powerful StarForce DRM system.

Our solutions with in-built software licensing system

Licensing and protection for software programs

Product: StarForce ProActive

With software licensing service imbedded in StarForce ProActive, you will be able to distribute your software programs on any media and via the Internet thanks to binding technology and online activation tracking. You will be able to set any license parameters to optimize your distribution policy. Besides, StarForce ProActive protects software against illegal distribution and pirate use, commercial replication and private copying, reverse engineering and cracking.

Software licensing   Ask us for more information about software licensing   Trial version of software protection

Licensing and protection for business software programs to operate in local networks

Product: StarForce ProActive for Business

The solution allows to control a number of workstations (simultaneous users) which are connected to a local or remote server. The key benefits of StarForce ProActive for Business software licensing service are support for protecting different types of applications (code and data) and the ability to run them on virtual machines without losing protection reliability. StarForce ProActive for Business supports a broad selection of licensing models to optimize sales and operation processes for your software program.

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Reliable protection for MetaTrader scripts

Product: StarForce ProActive for Traders

This solution allows to protect MQL scripts against illegal copying, analysis and hacking. It offers a great variety of software license limitations with an opportunity control online distribution of your product. StarForce ProActive for Traders supports two types of binding: a computer on which MQL script run and a trading account where MQL script is already used.

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Ideal solution for those who want to combine CD/DVD distribution
and sales of software via the Internet in one protection project

Product: StarForce Universal

StarForce Universal comprises all the main features that are available in the StarForce Disc and StarForce ProActive products. It offers you to use both CD/DVD binding and PC binding within one protection project. It is convenient for those who originally planned to distribute their product in only one way, for example, on disks, but then decided to change the distribution channel to another, for example, to sell via the Internet. This product facilitates delivery of patches, additional functionality and downloadable content (DLC) to the end users.

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