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StarForce Content Enterprise

StarForce Content Enterprise

Reliable solution to protect confidential documents against unauthorized access and copying outside and inside the perimeter of a company's information system.

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Nowadays it’s impossible to imagine business without rapid exchange of documents, including documents containing sensitive information. To ensure the continuity of business processes, there is a need to send such documents beyond the perimeter of an enterprise information system. Is it possible to guarantee the integrity of such sensitive info? You may use encryption, however, this isn’t a satisfying solution because after decryption the recipient can do with the document whatever he/she wants, e.g. to make it public and to pass it to competitors.

StarForce Content Enterprise works in a unique way: the solution allows to restrict access to electronic documents, no matter where they are located with regard to the perimeter of the company's information system.

StarForce Content Enterprise uses an integrated approach
to protect documents against leakage

StarForce Content Enterprise uses an integrated approach

StarForce Content Enterprise protects sensitive documents against unauthorized access, editing, copying, sharing and printing. To prevent the use of screen capturing, it features a built-in blocking mechanism against the Print Screen function and other screen grabbers, as well as a digital watermarking module.

The solution can be deployed as is, or be integrated as a module in an existing DLP system. StarForce specialists are also ready to design a tailored solution according to the customer’s needs.

tamper resistance High level of tamper resistance to provide reliable protection for classified documents.
large number of file formats Support of a large number of file formats: PDF, DOC(X), XLS(X), JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.
flexible solution Flexible solution, fully adapted to the customer’s business processes.
Bring Your Own Device Support of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Documents can be viewed on any personal device without any loss of sensitive information.
Document tracking Document tracking in real time including usage statistics and attempts of unauthorized opening.
ditribution on any media and over the Internet Distribution of documents on any media and over the Internet.
integration with Data Loss Prevention DLP The possibility of integration with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and business intelligence systems provides an integrated approach to sensitive information protection inside and outside of the enterprise.

Companies increasingly pay attention to information security. They want to control what happens to documents sent to external customers, and they want to ensure that information within the company is kept safe. Among the documents that are confidential can be R&D data, financial documents, market analyses, information on new products, releases, reports to shareholders, and so on.

Case studies

Russian Railways

Russian Railways, JSC (RZD) is the one of the three largest transport companies in the world. The total number of employees is about 1 million people.

Problem The need to protect documents distributed by email or on USB sticks against unauthorized access and copying
Solution StarForce Content Enterprise is used to protect documents distributed outside the perimeter of the company's information system

At the first stage, this solution has been implemented for the Staff Education Department. Russian Railways' educational program includes confidential data which is part of the company's intellectual property. StarForce Content protects documents and controls their distribution via a special web interface, designed to meet modern usability requirements. The system administrator can limit the access time to protected documents, the number of activations, the printing option and can customize other settings for a designated user.

Thanks to StarForce Content Enterprise, RZD's employees got the opportunity of e-learning. It significantly reduced the travel expenses for the company and now Russian Railways can conduct its trainings on-the-job.

During the second stage, Russian Railways plans to introduce several user groups that can receive documents of a specific type and function:

Interaction with branches Interaction with contractors
Financial documents Training and educational materials

Result Russian Railways got a reliable solution to protect documents that allows users to get materials on any media or over the Internet. It also ensures that the communicated information is used as intended. As a result, the company was able to reduce operating costs for training and effectively provide a variety of information including confidential, without having to fear for leaks

StarForce Content Enterprise is available in two variants:

Dedicated Solution. The software is installed on the customer’s side for permanent use
Cloud Service (SaaS). In this case a customer uses StarForce servers, accessible via the internet to protect documents and to generate and activate registration codes

It is also possible to combine the two variants: a customer can protect documents with his own server within the enterprise but for activation it is possible to use the StarForce Server over the internet.

StarForce Content Enterprise consists of the following components
(Dedicated Solution):

1 Server components to be deployed on the customer’s site:
A A database containing information about users, groups, documents, registration codes, activations
B StarForce Activation Server, available over the internet from outside the enterprise
C StarForce Protection Server, inaccessible from outside the enterprise
D StarForce Website for document protection and user management. Not available from outside the enterprise
2 A client application for document protection. To be installed on the computers of those employees (within the enterprise), who often protect documents or/and generate registration codes
3 A viewer program to open protected documents. To be installed on the readers' devices. There are separate versions of the viewer program for each supported platform (Windows, Android, iOS, macOS). It makes sense to make this program publicly accessible, e.g. on the enterprises site or for mobile devices in Apple Store, Google Play, etc.
4 The Digital Watermark Module. Allows to watermark the document to prevent leakage by screen photography the screen
5 Presentation Protection Module is designed for .ppt(x) files protection to save demonstration opportunities
6 HTML Protection Module, designed for HTML file protection. It is used for electronic catalogs, internal knowledge bases and other large-scale documents presented in the form of a site. After protection, the document is fully functional but cannot be edited

Document protection

The central component of the solution is StarForce Protection Server. It provides two basic functions: conversion of the documents into a protected format and system management. The StarForce Website is a user-friendly interface to use and configure the protection system.

Supported file formats

pdf protection excel protection table protection doc protection document protection document copy protection pdf tracking pdf copy protection pics protection copy protection


Role-based access control
Flexible settings for document access, including access revocation
Usage statistics and activation reports in real time

Operating system compatibility

Windows Android iOS macOS Linux

StarForce Content Enterprise


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