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StarForce ProActive for Business

StarForce ProActive for Business

This advanced solution is designed to protect software against illegal replication, license breach, reverse engineering and hacking. The key benefits of StarForce ProActive for Business are the availability of a wide range of possible binding objects, support for protecting different types of applications (code and data) and the ability to run them on virtual machines without losing protection reliability.

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StarForce ProActive for Business is recommended for protection of business applications that are designed to work in either a “thin client-server”/”fat client-server” configuration, or as a stand-alone application, running on a server or a workstation.

StarForce ProActive for Business provides protection against the following threats

Illegal software copying and distribution
Breach of license (expiration time, number of user licenses, number of runs, etc.)
Analysis and reverse engineering to modify software

StarForce licensing models

Demo Trial Try&Die Buy Only Rent / Subscription
Provides the product with reduced functionality, but without time limitations Allows the end-user to use the product for a certain period of time for free. After the trial period ends, the end-user can only continue using the application in case of license purchasing Provides the end-user access to the product for a certain period of time, without a paid license. After this trial period expires, the application can no longer be run Provides full access to the product with a valid (paid) license Provides the end-user access to the product with time limitations. After the expiration date, a new period must be paid to continue work with the product

How StarForce ProActive for Business works

When an application is being protected on StarForce Server, its code has some modification that prevents the software from running, unless two tests have been passed:

A check that the license complies with its restrictions
Authentication of the license. This includes the verification of the binding object: an object that is hard to imitate. The license is bound to this object at activation

The existence of a license is confirmed by a serial number. A serial number is a unique string of characters that identifies a specific license. License restrictions for each serial number can be edited by using StarForce License Management Server. The Server has a user friendly web interface that helps to manage licenses in one click, e.g. to renew or revoke licenses, to change functional limitations or the number of end-users. Additionally, StarForce License Management Server allows to collect statistics to have the latest info on usage of the application.

In case of USB drive binding a license is confirmed by the presence of a device with definite parameters. The way a license is authorized depends on the selected binding object.

StarForce ProActive for Business binding objects

Binding Object How It Works Use
A computer (a server or a workstation)

Binding to PC
The protected application binds to the computer when you install or run the application for the first time. During the activation process, StarForce License Management Server collects the info on the computer parameters and associates it with the serial number to establish a binding. For subsequent runs the connection to StarForce License Management Server is not required. The easiest way of binding, ideally suits applications that are run on physical computers (not virtual machines).
USB drive

Binding to USB
The protected application can be run only if a special USB flash drive is inserted in the PC. This is an ideal binding object for a closed enterprise network or for situations when a protected application is used on many different computers.
Local server

Binding to local server
In order to be launched, the protected application requires a connection to the License Control Service that is installed on the local network. The Service is bound to the computer where it is installed. The Service monitors the number of connections and does not allow having more end users than allowed by the license (client-server model). This binding method is the best option in case it is necessary to install software on many computers within one local network (one company). It is used if the protected application is run on virtual machines, because a usual computer binding in this case is not reliable enough.
Remote Server

Binding to remote server
In order to be launched, the protected application requires a connection to StarForce License Control Service over the Internet. The Service verifies the serial number, controls the license restrictions and prevents the launching of illegal software copies. This method enables full control of the protected application in real time. You have an opportunity to prolong, revoke, add new users at any moment. It also supports running on virtual machines.
tamper resistance High degree of tamper resistance, confirmed by many years of experience and market experts.
Statistics reports Statistics reports for marketing analysis and sales forecasting.
virtual machines Support of virtual machines.
Fast to market Fast to market because of the use of cloud technology for software protection.
any distribution schemes Support of any distribution schemes, including rights transfer (licenses of various types) to dealers and partners. The protected application can be distributed on disks, flash discs or via Internet.
e-commerce Possibility to synchronize the client’s e-commerce and StarForce License Management Server to fully automate the process of selling software.
distribution policy Support of changing the distribution policy for the released software.
license check Periodic license confirmation.
licensing models A broad selection of licensing models for sales and business: Demo, Try&Buy, Try&Die, Buy Only, Subscription, Lease.
client-server model Support of client-server model and different ways of binding.
binding to USB flash drive Ability to bind a protected product to any USB flash drives.
Integration of protection into software build in automatic mode.

Protection for “thin client–server” applications

The development of internet technologies stimulates the growth of the use of client-server software, where an end-user needs nothing except a browser and internet connection to access the service. In this case it is necessary to protect the server from replication and to control the number of end users.


Phasis, a software developer, has a product, protected with StarForce ProActive for Business. This is a content management system that helps people to watch movies and TV shows over Internet. The price of the system is calculated on the basis of a core license with a number of end-user licenses. Therefore, it is very important for the developer to control the number of end-users and to protect the server against copying and transferring it, for example, to another region.

In this case, the developer can choose one of two objects to bind the application to: the computer on which the software is run or the Remote Server,  in case a virtual machine is being used. Phasis uses both variants depending on their clients’ plans.

Protection for “fat client–server” applications

A fat client is an alternative to a browser-based client. Business software developers use fat client applications to be installed on workstations to improve performance and reliability. During the working process, users interact with, e.g., the database installed on the server.


Vetrix specializes in software development for contact-centers. The company uses binding to Local Server for copy protection and user license control. It helps to save time and resources for deployment. However, for remote workstations the customer can use binding to the user's computer or to Remote Server.

Protection of stand-alone application

You can use various binding objects to protect an application: a computer, Local Server, Remote Server. If the protected product is run on a virtual machine, it makes sense to opt for binding to Remote Server, as in this case hardware settings can’t be imitated and the developer is able to monitor the application in real time. If a product is run on a physical server or computer, it’s better to use this for binding.

StarForce C++ Obfuscator

StarForce created a program for C++ obfuscation and offers it to its customers for testing and purchasing. To prevent possible unauthorized actions such as the illegal software copying, StarForce has decided to protect the product using StarForce ProActive for Business. To achieve better control over the program, binding to Remote Server is chosen.

Protection via StarForce Cloud

1 Download and install StarForce Protection Studio (available for free).
2 Using StarForce Protection Studio, select software functions that will be protected against analysis and reverse engineering. This action is not essential, but strongly recommended for a higher class protection.
3 Set the parameters of protection and binding.
4 Customize the elements of the GUI (if needed).
5 Protect the application via StarForce Cloud (Internet connection is necessary).
6 Generate test serial numbers.
7 Test the protected application.
8 Generate release serial numbers.
9 Start selling.

You can protect your software any time you like.

Protection by StarForce specialists

StarForce offers the following chargeable services

Protection is performed by StarForce employees and may include:

Protection with functions selection.
Protection without functions selection.
Protection with functions to be selected by the customer.

Analysis of the protection performed by the customer.

Supported technologies

StarForce ProActive for Business covers the protection of the following software modules

Native Windows applications. Usually these applications are written in C++, less often in Delphi
.NET-applications, including server applications, based on ASP .NET technology. These applications are usually written in C#, less frequently in VB .NET, Managed C++

In some cases, StarForce ProActive for Business protects other types of applications. This becomes possible in case the application or the module that is responsible for its execution (e.g., an interpreter) can be fully or partially converted into a Native Windows or .NET application. This way it is possible to protect the applications developed in the following languages:

Java PHP Python Другие

Please contact us if you need a consultation from our specialist.

Technical parameters

Protection features

DRM features

Licensing options and settings

Protection of code inside the function / protection of the imported function call Extra protection of internal variables with hidden classes
Activation of the application modes depending on serial number parameters Silent activation
GUI customization Protection of unlimited number of files
Data files protection Beta version and promotional copy protection
Patch and add-on protection Selection of binding objects
StarForce SDK included Disc binding
Serial number expiration date License start date
License activation date (activate no later than …) Periodic license confirmation
Regional settings Continuous run setting
Maximum number of runs setting Serial number blacklisting

Serial number activation/generation statistics

By date By title
By distribution channel By serial number or batch
Overall statistics By countries/td>
Diagrams, tables and graphics of activations

Supported operating systems for work stations

Windows Vista 32/64-bit Windows 7 32/64-bit
Windows 8 32/64-bit Windows 10 32/64-bit

Supported operating systems for servers

Windows Server 2003 32/64-bit Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit
Windows HPC Server 2008 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2 32/64-bit
Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 64-bit Windows Server 2012 32/64-bit
Windows Server 2016 32/64-bit

Additional options

Application deactivation Serial numbers editing

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