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StarForce HTML Copy Protection with Online Activation

Use cases

Distribution over the Internet Distribution on physical media
The publisher provides a link for downloading the content and a serial number for access activation. This HTML copy protection method is suitable for the clients with good Internet connection The publisher writes the content on CD, DVD, USB sticks or other media according to his choice and provides a serial number for access activation. This HTML copy protection method is Suitable for the clients with poor Internet connection

No Internet? Try HTML copy protection with binding to CD, DVD and USB sticks

What HTML files can be protected

You can protect interactive education materials, books, manuals, catalogues and other documents that are supposed to be used locally on the user’s computer. We provide copy protection for HTML files, including graphics, JavaScript scripts, Flash objects, video, CSS, Java applets and other files. HTML Executable is used to convert HTML files in an executable format and copy protect with the StarForce technology.

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StarForce DRM features

Lifetime defined by date or time Number of devices Printing
A serial number can have a lifetime defined by date or time after activation (minutes, hours and days) and other limitations, e.g. number of runs You define the number of devices where your files can be opened –
this can be set by the number of activations per serial number
Printing can be allowed or not
Activation territories Serial number editing Revoke access
You can select the territories where
the serial number can be activated
The serial number parameters
can be edited *
You can revoke access by adding
a serial number to the blacklist *
Demo mode: you can allow to use your HTML files without the serial number inserting for a limited period of time
or for a limited number of runs

*See this video for details

StarForce HTML Copy Protection Benefits

Pay once No subscription. Pay once and use forever
Protection against screen grabbers Protection against screen grabbers
HTML copy protection HTML copy protection on SFContent.com, which has a simple user interface and is available any time and all over the world
Wonderful support team Wonderful support team to help if you have questions
Protection for HTML files An option to order protection for HTML files from StarForce specialist
Progressive discounts Progressive discounts – the more you buy the less you pay

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